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LEADERSHIP AND ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR-MICROSOFT - Essay Examplems Solutions Tod Nielsen, and Chief Technology Officer Nathan Myhrvold (Rosoff, Matt, Microsoft addresses employee morale, turnover, Direction on Microsoft, January 15, 2000). In 2005, bilk story for Businessweek was Troubling Exits At Microsoft, with a subtitle which captures the businessworlds alarmed view of the events at Microsoft Once the dream workplace of techs highest achievers, it is pitiable key defections to Google and elsewhere. Whats behind the losses? (Businessweek, 26 September 2005). The same article writes about the bolting out of Microsoft by one of the top technical persons, Kai-Fu Lee, to get hitched with the companys rival Google Inc., a move, which, according to Lee, rooted from what he saw as repeated missteps by the company, and even called the company incompetent, exactly resistance his picture of Google, which was encouraging bottoms-up innovation rather than top-down.Statistically, the situ ation is likewise alarming. Rosoff, in the same article, cites Microsofts Chief Operating Officer Robert Herbold who presented alarming statistics on employee abrasion at the companys last three Financial Analyst meetings, to wit Since Fiscal Year (FY) 1995, attrition at Microsoft was between 7% and 8% and in FY 2000, it hit 9.6%, the first time it c easinessed the 9% threshold since FY 1994. Although Microsofts is lower than the intentness average attrition rate, it is going against the trend where the rest of the IT industrys attrition significantly decrease. Rosoff also mentions that the Saratoga Institute research reveal that the median rate of voluntary employee separation in the IT industry dropped from 14.7% in 1997-1998, to 11.4% in 2000. Likewise, Hewitt Associates, a human resource consulting firm, pointed that attrition among IT professionals with highly marketable skills dropped from 16% in 1999 to 12% in 2000.As an Organizational phylogeny Consultant, I have been ta sked to assess the organization to find out the

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Individual Reflection on Group Experience Essay

Individual Reflection on Group Experience - Essay ExampleAs a result of a fact acceptance of the single mode of connectivity which has developed on the lines of internet powered virtual(prenominal) platform in various corners of the valet de chambre, the world has been transformed into a single connected global entity. This has increasingly paved the way for easy synchronization of various trends related to globalization that are acclivitous from the different corners of the world. In discussing the trends of globalization, it has to be considered that in most cases, the trends originate from the developed countries and slowly gets diffused in the emerging economies. Because of this shift in trend, related to globalization, there is a continuous emergence of various business opportunities. Most of these business opportunities are highly innovative in nature, while some are routinely traditional in nature. However, the evolution of the new business opportunities simply represents t he fact that various companies around the world will be trying to gain benefit of the opportunity that is evolving in these new markets. So, automatically, this will fuel an increase in competition. Now, in order to gain an edge in the marketplace, with regards to the locally as head as internationally promoted competition, the organizations needfully to support a very cost efficient structure of management. When an organization embraces a lean structure for employee management, it brings in the model of getting more work done from the employees of the organization. Also, it has to be considered that in todays highly connected global environment, employees of an organization are no durable bounded to their respective cubicles or workstations on a timely manner. Rather the concepts of flexi timing, work from home enables employees to stay connected to their workplaces through the virtual world on a minute and hour basis. However, despite organization and lifestyle based adjustm ents in the society, companies work in a structured and layered formation, when it comes to daily activities. Organizations have various divisions and classs of people who handle diversified job related functionalities for the organization, either being physically present or being virtually present. Often these root words needs to be directed and made to work in perfect synchronization with each other under the able leadership of a efficient team manager or team lead. While a team leader or a senior manager managing the group provides directional support, it is the members of the team whose seamless collaboration and cooperation with each other helps an organization of varying dimension to achieve its day to day objectives as well as short and long frontier goals. It can be stated in a very simple manner, that group work either in the physical or in the virtual mode promotes an environment where members of a group can effectively learn, collaborate and communicate in a very smoo th manner. Effective and successful group work also helps in a great way in developing the morale of the employees of an organization which promotes an environment of physical as well as virtual workplace. In this particular case, the focus is on analyzing as well as studying the effectiveness of group work among a collective group of students who were made to work in a group format for the purpose of handling of assignments of an academic nature. Evolution of the group over the term From the theoretical presage of view,

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Comparing Two Similar Businesses Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Comparing Two Similar Businesses - Essay ExampleIniti all toldy, the company commenced its operations as an online bookstore. Bezos adopt an unusual business plan initially and he did not expect a profit for first four to five years. Even though this belatedly growth plan caused dissatisfaction among its stakeholders, it assisted that company to survive the dot-com bubble burst successfully. Finally, the company earned its first profit in 2001. Currently, is the largest online retailer in the world and it deals with a range of product lines including DVDs, CDs, MP3s, video games, software, electronics, furniture, food, jewelry, apparel, and toys (Kindle The worlds best selling e-reader).Like Borders Books, a US based company, was known for its potentiality in international book and music retail sector. The company was founded by brothers Tom and Louis Borders in 1971.Later in 1996, a sister company called Book bloodline Systems was founded to support the ope rations of Borders Books. Initially, the Borders Books began its operations with used books and progressively it expanded the business. Although the Borders Book had been successful since its establishment, the company started to experience profitability declines since 2004. Although books and music were the core business of Borders Books, it excessively dealt with other business areas such as magazines, board games, encyclopedias, zunes, calendars, and gift packs.While analyzing, it is obvious that the company adopted Customer Relationship guidance and Information Management tactics to promote its internet selling and sales. In contrast, the Borders had not focused on a specific management approach to enhance its internet marketing operations. Borders Books just tried to increase its sales volume rather than ensuring customer satisfaction. Evidently, this difference in management approach assisted Amazon to survive all market difficulties whereas Borders Books filed f or bankruptcy in 2011.As

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The Christian Tradition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

The Christian Tradition - Essay ExampleSuch worldwide reports as noted by Dr. Amin Abboud atomic number 18 In Dusselford, in July 2001, German doctors reported that a patients own bone marrow bragging(a) stem cells were used to regenerate waver damaged by a heart attack, improving his heart function. US doctors have taken adult stem cells from the brain of a patient with Parkinsons disease and reimplanted them resulting in an 83% improvement in the patient. Washington Medical Centre treated 26 patients with rapidly deteriorating multiple sclerosis, twenty patients stabilized and hexad improved. Israeli doctors inserted adult telephone circuit stem cells into a paraplegic womans spinal cord. She regained bladder control and the ability to wiggle her toes and mover her legs. Surgeons in Taiwan have restored vision to a patient with severe eye damage using stem cells from the patients own eyes (2). However, with their passing optimistic battle to fight diseases, developing wise an d ethically sound decisions in the field of medical science is very challenging especially in the midst of increasingly complex technology. While adult stem cells therapy has proven to be effective in treating diseases, medical scientists ongoing research of developing unused field of regenerative medicine through pursuing other ways of harvesting stem cells resulted to formation of the new avenue called Embryonic Stem Cell. This young development has stirred considerable controversies. But why this becomes so controversial? Stem cell research has shown great promising treatment in close to devastating diseases. Taking a closer look at the different kinds of stem cells and defining how they are derived will help us understand why this subject is so controversial. As reported by the National Institutes of Health in the United States (NIH), adult stem cell is an undifferentiated cell embed among differentiated cells in a tissue or organ such as bone marrow, blood and blood vessels , brain, skeletal muscle, skin, heart, teeth, liver, and others. It has the ability to renew itself and butt joint differentiate into tissues to generate some or all of the other major specialized cell types of the tissue or organ other than those from which they came. So, the main roles of adult stem cells in human body are to maintain and repair the tissue of which they are found. Actually, doctors have been using stem cells to treat certain blood disorders which involved transplantation of bone marrow, which is rich in blood-forming stem cells (Homepage chap 4). Thus, adult stem cells are obtained from living humans, either adults or children, wherein the process of declivity is not harmful. Stem cells are being taken from their bone marrow, blood and blood vessels, skin, spinal cord, brain tissue and also from umbilical-cord blood and the placenta after the feature of a child. Additionally, NIH explained that adult stem cells isolated from blood and bone marrow are called ha ematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), which have the ability to continually self-renew that made them trusty for production of billions of new blood cells each day. Since scientists have developed sufficient knowledge for using them as a therapy, doctors are routinely using hematopoietic stem cell transplants in treating cancer patients and other diseases related to blood and immune systems (chap 5). NIH additionally noted that normally amount of stem cells in

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Linux and Mac File Systems Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Linux and Mac File Systems - Article Examplelso highly scalable and fend for Access Control lists as compared to Ext3fs which support a basic form of ACL or HFS+ which moved NTFS style of ACL recently. Moreover, NTFS is more robust than Ext3fs in that Ext3fs is based on Ext2fs and hence carries some of the problem from the older filing cabinet system. Also, Ext3fs has an impact on performance due to its journaling features.An inode (index node) is data structure in the file system that stores whole the information about a file except its name. The information includes access permissions, the owner of the file, file type and size of the file. The Linux file system (ext3fs) employs this approach for index small files. For larger files, Linux allows the use of indirect blocks. The indirect blocks extend the file size that can be stored to slightly more than 4 MB. On the other(a) hand, NTFS has entries in the master file table (MFT) instead of inodes. The MFT contains the information required to retrieve a file from NTFS. The MFT have a unique identifier, i.e., FILE_RECORD_SEGMENT_HEADER which is a file header used to identify a file from other files. HFS+ also does not have inodes, but it emulate its behavior. In Mac OS, the equivalent of the inode in Linux is referred to as indirect node file. The indirect node file is stored in the metadata directory, which exist in the root directory. The indirect node file stores files content properties like the owner ID and the group ID. Though, Mac OS is UNIX based, its file system does not implement inode like Linux but a similar index is implemented. In contrast, the inode is a file system feature found in UNIX based operating system like Linux but not found in Window Operating system. The MFT, indirect node file, and inode are similar in that they store files properties and allow easy retrieval of the files. The NTFS and Mac OS inode structure are more superior to the Linux one, and thus they improve performance and efficiency.Linux adoption both by desktop users and

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Training and Development in Acquiring Work-related Skills Essay

Training and Development in Acquiring Work-related Skills - Essay ExampleYou might not immediately be subject to put great new emphasis on whole-person suppuration. Being realistic, corporate attitudes and expectations about what learn is and does cannot be changed overnight, and well-nigh organizations still see training as being control to work skills, classrooms, and powerpoint presentations. However, if you start imagining and thinking and talking about concepts and expressions such asThere are many different training and development methods. ... g, technical training, behavioral development training, role-playing and role-play games and exercises, attitudinal training and development, accredited training and learning, distance learning - all part of the training menu, available to use and apply according to individual training needs and organizational training needs.Training is also available far beyond and outside the classroom. More importantly, training - or learning, t o look at it from the trainees tantrum - is anything offering learning and developmental experience. Training and learning development includes aspects such as ethics and morality attitude and behavior leadership and determination, as easy as skills and knowledge.Development isnt restricted to training - its anything that helps a person to grow, inability, skills, confidence, tolerance, commitment, initiative, interpersonal skills, understanding, self-control, motivation and more. If you consider the attributes of really effective people, be they leaders, managers, operators, technicians any role at all, the important qualities which make good performers special are likely to be attitudinal. Skills and knowledge, and the processes available to people are no great advantage. What makes people effective and important to any organization is their attitude. Attitude includes qualities that require different training and learning methods. Attitude stems from a persons mindset, belief system, emotional maturity, self-confidence, and experience. These are the greatest training and development challenges faced, and there are better ways of achieving this sort of change and development than putting people in a classroom, or indeed by delivering most sorts of conventional business or skills training, which people see as a chore.

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Indonesian Political History Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Indonesian Political History - Research Paper ExampleAn armed struggle followed between the Dutch and the largely Japanese-trained Indonesians, which culminated in the Netherlands recognition of Indonesian independence in 1949, after much loss of lives on both sides. 2. Japanese interests in Indonesia were closely cerebrate to Japans colonial ambitions in Asia. It sought to establish itself as the biggest power in Asia after having achieved many victories, on the economic front and on the warfront. Japan also intended to gain an upper hand in the volatile situation that the Second World struggle presented. They sought to take everyplace the reins of power in Indonesia from the Dutch. They were widely perceived to have dented the power and pride of the white western man and were thus welcomed in many Asiatic countries struggling under the yoke of colonialism. One of Japans main professed objectives in Indonesia was to end the system of administration that was based heavily on race . The objectives of the Japanese were not very different from the Dutch and this can be inferred from the imperialist measures that they undertook while in power. 3. Japanese policies towards Islam in Indonesia were the opposite of those that were followed by the Dutch. While the Dutch believed in imposing restrictions on the practice of Islam through the use of force, the Japanese administration was able to harness the energy of Islamic institutions so as to show itself with support during the Second World War. Their choice of a course of action was also influenced by the lack of resources available to pursue any alternative strategy. The War had drained tem of the power to pursue any policy that was based on the use of force. Japanese policies were aimed at enabling Islamic structures to be centres of mobilization for the bewilder of the War and the nation. 4. While a majority of the Indonesian population is Muslim, the constitution does not grant a pre-eminent position to Islam . Based on the principle of Pancasila, the Indonesian constitution provides its citizens with the freedom to practice whichever religion they choose. The first president of Indonesia, Sukarno, was fearful of the secessionist impulses that may have arisen had Islam been declared the state religion. While there were uprisings for the cause of the comprehension of Islam as the state religion, they were defeated with the defeat that the first elections in Indonesian handed out to parties that were based on the principle of Islamic nationalism. Later on, Sukarno, the succor premier of the nation, showed great inclination to grant Islam a prominent position within the constitution but failed. As a result, the Indonesian constitution does not grant any special status to Islam. 5. The establishment of a secular constitution received a mixed response from the Indonesian public. While there were protests demanding the inclusion of Islam within the constitution as the state religion, they w ere largely unsuccessful owing to the lack of large numbers to support the movement. The period of Sukarnos predominate saw a secular government because of the response that the Indonesian public gave to political parties with Islamic nationalism as its main agenda. These parties were able to get totally a small portion of the total votes in the first Indonesian elections, signaling the Indonesian publics aversion to the rise of Islamic politics. still though Sukarno, during his tenure, tried to appease Muslim powers, the rise